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vs Spot Bar
Sep 20, 2012 7:00 pm
Ulysses 3
Kyle Bassett (Probably won't make the 7 PM game. Might have an extra for the 8 and 9 if we need him)
Evan Peral
Taylor Johnson
Travis Anderson (Arm is still soar so I might be a no go for the outfield)
Scott Busby
Nick Hoffman
Collin Anderson
Nick Rebholz
Ryan Mccloy
Ryan Flick
Sean Mccloy
Justin Bryant
Troy Croteau
Skyler Beruff
Ben Smith
John Allender
Ryan Bialas
Scott Flanagan
xtra players
Demetri Jackson
Joshua Slater
Ryan Lopez
Bryan Giambrone
Skyler Burnett
Mark Lee
Noah Keeney (damn iphone launch...)
Jordan Valente
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